Crop Pollination

Pollination is one of the most important factors in crop production. Many types of commonly grown crops require pollination in order to bear satisfactory marketable production. In most areas there are not enough feral honeybee colonies to provide adequate pollination. The feral bees that are available are often some distance from the farm field. In inclement weather they only fly short distances and therefore would not reach the crops.

Farms wanting maximum pollination require honeybee colonies from apiarists to help guarantee adequate bee populations in their fields. A strong colony will have at least 6-8 combs of brood and an appropriate amount of adult worker bees to tend to the brood and forage. Ideal placement in a field is to position colonies in small groups evenly thoughout the area with a nearby water source.

All our current hives are committed to Holland Farm Produce located in Fuquay Varina but generally are aquiring swarms and making splits during the year. Preferred locations are farms that grow a variety of crops year-round, are near a water source and located in or near Fuquay Varina, NC.

We do not initially plan on supporting migratory style pollination outside of Wake county due to the amount of time needed transporting hives and strain on our bees.