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Products/Services include:

Hughes Honey Apiary

We are small producers of pure raw honey straight from the hive. Pure raw honey contains enzymes that are beneficial to your health and just tastes better compared to the imported honey usually found at the supermarket.

Our bees make their honey from a variety of flowers in Holly Springs, NC including tulip poplar, clover, sourwood and various other seasonal wildflowers. The honey is hand spun from the honeycomb and lightly strained to remove the wax bits while preserving the beneficial enzymes and small pollen particles that help individuals that suffer from local allergies.

Honey Update

We are excited to rebuild our hives this year. Our home church, Redeemer Community Church, has bought land for a future building. We decided to donate all revenue from honey sales with a goal of $15,000 over the next two years. On the right side of this page you can watch the progress. Current plans are to harvest the 2021 crop in late June to early July.