About Us

Beekeeping is a family hobby we started in Spring 2007 as a way to help pollinate our garden, learn more about the interesting social behavior of the honeybee, help increase the honeybee population in Wake County due to the reduction from the mites and most importantly gives our family an opportunity to work and spend time together as a unit.

The initial two nucleus hives (nucs) we bought for our yard expanded to ten hives in 3 months after catching five swarms in our local area, adding a couple nucs purchased from a local beekeeper and splitting our strongest hive. We then had the opportunity to set four of our hives on a local farm. The satisfaction of watching your own bees pollinate the local food supply was enough to convince us to expand the hobby into a small business that we use for our family vacation fund. This year we are hoping to earn enough to take the kids to Disney World.

We were members of both the Wake County Beekeepers Association and North Carolina State Beekeepers Association during our sideline beekeeping years. No toxic chemicals are used to treat hives or harvest our raw honey. We hand spin the honeycomb and only lightly filter to preserve all the health benefits that pure raw honey has to offer but also prevent the occasional wax particles from staying embedded in the honey.

We look forward to helping pollinate our local food supply with our honeybee colonies and offering pure raw local honey that is healthy, natural and gives an alternative to the imported, heat processed honey found in most supermarkets.