Pure Raw Honey

Hughes Honey is raw, unfiltered and is not heat procesesd. Our extraction process first begins by taking off the honey supers from the hive without using chemicals to drive out the bees. The frames are then uncapped with a knife and hand spun in an extractor. Honey flows out of the extractor into clean food grade five gallon buckets that contain a coarse strainer which traps the wax bits. The strainer allows small pollen particles and the beneficial enzymes to pass through which gives pure raw honey its unique taste and quality. The raw honey sits for a day to allow air bubbles to escape and is then hand bottled for consumer use.

The supermarkets usually heat their honey for a clearer appearance and longer shelf life before granulation (turning to sugar) but the heat also breaks down the sugar crystals, changes the flavor, and destroys the antioxidants, enzymes and other beneficial vitamins. All honey eventually granulates and turns solid. Raw honey that has granulated is not bad. Gently heat the honey jar in warm water until the honey turns back to a liquid. Do not heat above 115 degrees or the beneficial enzymes will be destroyed. We find it ironic that the quest for "pure" clear honey by some commercial honey vendors actually destroys the pure and healthful benefits honey can deliver to the consumer.

2021 Honey Prices
Queenline 1lb jar$10

We have a very limited supply of honey. Our next harvest will occur in late June to early July and expecting a mixture of Tulip Poplar, American Holly and some Ornamental nectars.